Fashion, bags, design

Fashion, bags, design


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Today’s dose of creativity, falls under the fast paced world of fashion! Theres been a substantial amount of hype lately on high end brands, turned into casual loose t-shirts. I’ve been seeing a lot of them around, and frankly are very nicely and easily matched up with your favorite pair of distressed denim!

Anyone looking for a casual look, can get away with a loose shirt and the right colorful tote bag, and Fyunka helps you do JUST THAT! . The name “Fyunka” known to the world of Saudi Culture, means Ribbon Bow in the spoken Arabic dialect. It is a fashion line based in Jeddah and inspired greatly by Saudi pop culture and reflect on a twist of Khaleeji insights. Anyone who has seen Fyunka items will know that her interpretations of caricatures of Saudi women in Abayas and huge eyelashes have become a trademark for the way the brand is recognized.

Having lived in Jeddah for quite a while now, I can safely say that these items portray Saudi culture in the funnest way. The visual silk screen imitated repetition of illustrations fall under the 1960’s Andy Worhol theme, but brought into our present day society.

After researching her items, I came to figure that these items are exclusively sold in certain boutiques and destinations; but if you do so happen to stumble on a Fyunka the Celine Tote is a definite favorite of mine and in my opinion a must buy item!

Although I am not sure who the brand was originated by, the merchandise is catching on pretty fast! If you are out of town on a trip somewhere in Europe or further, these colorful and fashionable items serve as the perfect accessory to a casual outfit! Not only, they also celebrate the Saudi Culture and add a little bit of fresh and funky to the world of fashion and design!

Fyunka also recently collaborated with Paper Moon, a gift wrapping concept also located in the KSA. The illustrations served as wrapping paper and added a nice touch to giveaway gifts.

To know more about the girl with Red Glasses,

vist their facebook page : Fyunka فيونكة

website: http://about.me/fyunka

or drop them an e-mail at : fyunka@gmail.com