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One of my favorite beauty tools is the Beauty Blender. After purchasing my first beauty blender about a year ago I became hooked. No brush compares to this tool it leaves my foundation and concealer flawless. Might I also add its great for contouring because it leaves a nature contour on your face when blended properly leaving no lines or streaks. I discovered it after watching YouTube tutorials on Mario Dedivanovic at work on Kim Kardashian, and many other celebs. Once I saw the finishing touches on Kim and as he explained it so thoroughly how to use it through out the tutorial I knew I wanted to try it out. He literally made the Kardashian contour famous hence everyone does contours now. You can purchase the Beauty Blender at Sephora for $19.95 (best investment you’ll make TRUST ME!!!)… Let me know your thoughts in comment.


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Fashion, bags, design

Fashion, bags, design


Good Morning!

Welcome to another batch of freshly cooked eggs SuneeSideUp!

Today’s dose of creativity, falls under the fast paced world of fashion! Theres been a substantial amount of hype lately on high end brands, turned into casual loose t-shirts. I’ve been seeing a lot of them around, and frankly are very nicely and easily matched up with your favorite pair of distressed denim!

Anyone looking for a casual look, can get away with a loose shirt and the right colorful tote bag, and Fyunka helps you do JUST THAT! . The name “Fyunka” known to the world of Saudi Culture, means Ribbon Bow in the spoken Arabic dialect. It is a fashion line based in Jeddah and inspired greatly by Saudi pop culture and reflect on a twist of Khaleeji insights. Anyone who has seen Fyunka items will know that her interpretations of caricatures of Saudi women in Abayas and huge eyelashes have become a trademark for the way the brand is recognized.

Having lived in Jeddah for quite a while now, I can safely say that these items portray Saudi culture in the funnest way. The visual silk screen imitated repetition of illustrations fall under the 1960’s Andy Worhol theme, but brought into our present day society.

After researching her items, I came to figure that these items are exclusively sold in certain boutiques and destinations; but if you do so happen to stumble on a Fyunka the Celine Tote is a definite favorite of mine and in my opinion a must buy item!

Although I am not sure who the brand was originated by, the merchandise is catching on pretty fast! If you are out of town on a trip somewhere in Europe or further, these colorful and fashionable items serve as the perfect accessory to a casual outfit! Not only, they also celebrate the Saudi Culture and add a little bit of fresh and funky to the world of fashion and design!

Fyunka also recently collaborated with Paper Moon, a gift wrapping concept also located in the KSA. The illustrations served as wrapping paper and added a nice touch to giveaway gifts.

To know more about the girl with Red Glasses,

vist their facebook page : Fyunka فيونكة


or drop them an e-mail at :




Every time I pass by Bateel in a mall, the concept and the evolution never fails to surprise me.

Their goal? Re-interpreting the date language amongst locals, and general appreciators of the traditional delicacy in the Arab culture.

Ever since I was at University, I guess the first thing I learnt was “Presentation counts”, and in Bateel’s case, the presentation serves as a communication tool to the Arab audience. Your not actually purchasing the date, which is in store at EVERY and ANY corner. Your purchasing a carefully hand picked, naturally grown and meticulously chosen set of dates; which are catered to a prestigious and elite set of credentials that does exist amongst the Arab community.

This concept evolved from purchasing simple dates, to purchasing dates in beautiful packaging, to having the option of chocolate covered dates, to gourmet chocolate, to now offering a set of oils and vinegars and currently franchising a sub cafe known as “Cafe Bateel”.

Its all in the design, presentation and reconnecting the audience with an authentic date experience with a more prestigious twist.

When you purchase anything from this store, you are always presented with options as to how you would like to package your dates. A set of boxes are available; offering different sizes and colors, making whatever dates you do end up putting in your box the whole more visually appealing.

I have tried literally everything in store, and although I could probably order the same type of dates anywhere else in the KSA, i choose none other than Bateel! Why? Cause it looks good thats why! (Pretty looking things are my weakness!)

The cheese cake stuffed chocolate is a must try, as is the cappuccino flavored chocolate, which nailed the coffee/chocolate experience.

Bateel is now a known franchise in Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah etc.. I suggest if you do happen to pass by, go in and give your eyes something to look at.

or if your interested in more information,

Qi Juices

Qi Juices

Good morning!
I stumbled upon this juice concept less than a week ago, and decided to give it a try! Based in Lebanon, these juices are a definite must-try concept; and the best part is – they home deliver!

I started off this cleanse, worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up; or start craving food and instead have my money go to waste; but fortunately I was surprised when the first batch reached my door.
They’re conveniently numbered from 1-6 making it super easy to split your drinks evenly along the day. Although you don’t really get to pick your juices, since they only deliver fruits and vegetables that are in season; some taste fantastic whilst others are a bit more difficult to get through.

All in all, the packaging of these juices are simplistic yet creative, giving the whole concept of what your consuming, a fresh organic outlook. Their labels making it very clear and straight forward as to WHAT you are consuming, and their numbering system making it perfectly accessible as to WHEN you are consuming them.

Anyone can try this, if your willing to say no to food for a couple of days, however I can’t lie, I did cheat a little and drank the ones I liked first, and got stuck with the not-so-yummy ones later on at night (not too smart I’d have to say). My favorite, is definitely the ‘Green Limonata’ which had kale, mint, pear, lemon and ‘Carrot Boost’ which had orange, carrot, lemon, cucumber, turmeric mostly because I’m in favor of a good Carrot juice and Lemonade every once in a while.

I did find it quite difficult to manage, especially since I can never say NO to a good meal, mostly on the 3rd day, when I just needed a fat juicy burger; but post Cleanse, I felt my skin developed a natural glow, and i definitely felt a whole lot healthier.

You can buy these juices separately or in packs of 6, and have them delivered in sets of 1, 3, or 5 depending on the length you choose you want your cleanse to be.

The nice thing about this cleanse, is that they follow up with you by e-mail with little notes, tips and tricks to stay on the cleanse; which I felt helped with the motivational aspect of it all.
They are a bit pricey since they do cost 10$ per bottle. They are sold at New Earth Organic Store in Achrafieh, and at Live Organic in Naccache.

Or simply visit their website :
or call their Qichen: 01427704



Todays breakfast is the dynamic designer duo, Omar and Mohamed Kabbani; Graphic design entrepreneurs, and street design fanatics who have climbed their way to the top.

Before I graduated, there was a lot of talk on these two identical twins. Their talent: arabic graffiti, something we hear very little of these days. They slowly discovered their talent as their career unravelled, and unfolded their entity into a brand known as: Ashekman

If you weren’t brought up in Beirut, Lebanon; the name of this brand might be very foreign to the ear & common tongue; but Ashekman to the Beirut slang culture simply means ‘Exhaust Pipe’. Their one common reference to everything street related.

If your intrigued by street art talent, Ashekman is definitely your go to store. Their graphic t-shirts are eclectic, colorful and fresh.

Aside from their t-shirts however, their window display is definitely something to check out. If you do happen to be in the neighborhood by Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon check out their life size toolbox; where it conveniently displays the nitty gritty tools to both your car engine, shirts and street art.


Love the tools, and the pun intended;

let me know what you think.


Facebook: Ashekman urban wear

Ashekman street art


“Two PERFECTLY semi-cooked eggs, served SuneeSideUp”

Have you ever woken up and had just that for breakfast? – Tantalizing!

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